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Swedish Massage

Duration 1 hour


Additional hr $500.00


 Swedish massage is the most common type of massage to be found and is the most well known of all types of massage. The practice involves gentle but firm pressure applied to decrease muscle tension and is used for relaxation and to release stress. Other than kneading and stretching, massage oil is also used for a smoother stroke of rubbing of the body in a gliding method called effleurage.

Some of the benefits of Swedish massage other than the relaxation and sense of well being it brings, are the calming the nervous system, the reduction of tension and anxiety, improved blood circulation, the stimulation of the lymphatic system, prevention and relief of muscles cramps and spasms. It can also help to alleviate pain in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms.



Aromatherapy Massage

Duration 1 hour


Additional hr $500.00

An aromatherapy Massage combines the benefits of Massage Therapy with the use of essential oils. They can have many different effects on the mind, body and spirit. Make an Aromatherapy Massage an uplifting experience. Massage therapy is considered preventive medicine, combating stress and increasing circulation, bringing an increase flow of nutrients and oxygen to joints and tissues. It detoxifies and rejuvenates the body.


Deep Tissue Body Massage

Duration 1 hour


Additional hr $500.00


In the world of massage there exists a variety of styles - everything from Swedish Massage to Lymphatic Massage, all tailored to produce very specific results. One such massage technique, Deep Tissue Massage, has continued to increase in popularity, due in part to its ability to release an enormous amount of tension in a world where tension reigns on every corner. Deep Tissue Massage is effective because of its technique - consisting of slower, stronger massage that stimulate deep into muscles. This can be especially helpful for athletes who expose their muscles to daily, intensive conditioning. Deep Tissue Massage will noticeably loosen muscles, elevate pain and increase mobility - all significant benefits for an athlete. However, you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage, however, is not for everyone. There can be mild to moderate discomfort during the massage as tight muscles are worked. And there can be a day or two of soreness following the Deep Tissue Massage - similar to after you complete a particularly rigorous workout. But if you are comfortable with a stronger, more focused massage as well as the soreness that may accompany it and then a Deep Tissue Massage may be for you!


Athletic/Sports Massage

Duration 1 hour


Additional hr $500.00


Athletic Massage, also called Sports Massage, is the application of Massage Techniques that combine sound anatomical and physiological knowledge and specific Massage skills to enhance athletic performance. This Massage enables athletes athletes to attain their highest potential by accelerating the body's natural restorative process, enabling the athletes to participate to attain their highest potential by accelerating the body's natural restorative process, enabling  the athlete  to reduce the chance of injury by identifying and eliminate conditions in the soft tissue that are potential risk of injury. When injury has occurred, Massage helps to restore  mobility and flexibility to injured muscles tissue, while reducing recovery time.




As we age, our body produces less natural moisture causing our skin to dry out. Our  Aesthetician  is trained to administer the correct Facial treatment accordingly.

Listed below are Facials services that are rendered however when you arrive or Aesthetician will assess to determine the treatment best required for you.



Cocktail Facial (All Skin Type)

 Duration hour



Entails cleansing of the skin, Exfoliation, Facial Massage, Herbal Clay Mask ending with a Shea Butter Moisturizer.




Euphoria Signature Triple Facial (All Skin Type)

Duration 1 hour



Entails Cleanse, Exfoliation, , Mild Extractions, Steam Herbal Clay Mask, Chill Blast, Facial Massage ending with a Toning Mist.



Splendor Facial ( All Skin Type)

Duration 1 hour



Entails Deep Pores Cleansing, Exfoliation, Steam, Facial Massage ending with a Herbal Clay Mask which helps in restoring your skin's moisture back to a natural PH levels.


Sinus Cleansing

Duration 20 minutes 



This Therapeutic process is great for Sinusitis and other seasonal allergies and congestion. This treatment includes  Nasal Massage ending with a Facial Steam which will help in cleansing of the Sinus.




JBM Coffee Body Scrub

Duration 45 minutes.



This treatment entails Exfoliation of the entire body while moisturizing after which you rinse off in the shower followed by mild 15 minutes Effleurage Massage with our all natural Shea Butter.


Blends Options:

*Too Sweet - Coffee, Honey & Brown Sugar.

* Try Me - Avocado, Brown Sugar ( seasonal)

*Twisted - Coffee, Sugar & Salt.

* Coffee Chill - Coffee & Peppermint

*Edible - Pimento, Vanilla & Brown Sugar 


Body Wrap

Duration 45 minutes. 1 hr



This treatment begins with Exfoliation of the body followed  being cocooned in an exotic mixture of natural blends of your choice so as to absorb all the cares of the products. Giving your skin the feeling it deserves.

Blends Options:

*Straight - Coffee only

*Wake Wake - Coffee & Peppermint

*Sweet Nothing - Honey, Vanilla & Orange

*Esther - Milk, Oatmeal & Honey

* Fruit Blast - Mango, Banana & Papaya



Body Combo - Polish & Wrap in one

Duration 1 hr & minutes.



This treatment entails Exfoliation of the entire body followed by cocooned in exfoliation in a exotic mixture of natural blends ending with a mild 15 minutes Effleurage Massage.


Blends Options:

*Straight - Coffee only

* Sweet Nothing - Honey, Vanilla & Orange

*Consume Me - Vanilla, Cinnamon & Honey

*Fruit Blast - Mango, Banana & Papaya

*Esther - Milk, Oatmeal & Honey

*Coffee Paste - Coffee & Honey   






* Eyebrow - $500.00 


* Full Leg - $2,500.00 


* Half Leg - $1,500.00

* Bikini - $2,000.00  


* Brazilian - $3,000.00 


* Underarm - $550.00

* Upper Lip - $500.00 

* Chin - $500.00

* Toes - $600.0



The skin on your hands is thin. As your hands are exposed to water, changes of temperature, sun damage and chemicals, they begin to show signs of aging. Regular Manicure and proper hand treatment are the best prevention for aging hands.


Spa Manicure - $2,000.00


Regular Manicure - $1,000.00 


 Hot Oil Manicure - $2,000.00 


Aromatherapy Manicure - $2,500.00                                             


Don't take your feet for granted. Give them the attention they deserve. Be kind to your feet. They carry you through the journey of life


Spa Pedicure  - $2,000.00 


Regular Pedicure - $1,500.00


Hot Oil Pedicure - $2,000.00  


Aromatherapy Pedicure - $2,500.00 


Foot Soak$2,000.00





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